Project Category: object

Common Ground

A tableau of seating modules designed for the public space next to Christopher Wren’s St Mary le Bow Church, in the City of London. Common Ground responds to the site’s history of reclamation and layered reconstruction, utilising materials salvaged from sites of manufacture around the UK. This coincides with Wren’s 300 year anniversary, a legacy… Read more »


Windflower is a 50m long decommissioned wind turbine blade, upcycled into a family of urban furniture and street planters for the Discover South Kensington festival and the Goethe-Institut on Exhibition Road, London. The project proposes alternative uses and raises awareness about the lifespan of these large pieces of our infrastructure, which end up buried in landfills… Read more »

Big buoy

This is BIG BUOY, a playful and interactive bench made of leftover cork from an exhibition at the Tate Modern. Inspired by the signalling buoys gently rocking on the Thames, BIG BUOY can be rocked vigorously from side to side for play or exercise, yet has been engineered to always correct itself to an upright… Read more »