Speaker's Plinths - URBAN RADICALS
Speaker’s Plinths, London, 2024

Speaker’s Plinths encourage the voicing of individual opinions, the sharing of reflections on the city, stories of origin, as well as prompting informal discussions and assemblies held along a walkable route, located on Vine Street, opposite the London Wall Museum.

Referencing Aristotle’s school of peripatetic philosophy (walking and conversing), the plinths have been installed along Vine Street, adjacent to the historic City Wall and carry prompts encouraging people to directly respond by writing on their surface. 

Each plinth has been designed to transform into a skatable element and in their after life, they will be
gifted to London’s skateboarding communities, and to serve as inclusive spaces for engagement and expression in the city.

Speaker’s Plinths

Type: object

Location: London, UK

Size: 16m2

For: aldgate connect BID, City of london

Status: Completed

Collaborators: AKT II, millimetre

With thanks to: ALEX PETERS, kleanthis rousos, AMY KEMPA

Photography: LUKE O’DONOVAN