Big buoy, London, 2019

This is BIG BUOY, a playful and interactive bench made of leftover cork from an exhibition at the Tate Modern. Inspired by the signalling buoys gently rocking on the Thames, BIG BUOY can be rocked vigorously from side to side for play or exercise, yet has been engineered to always correct itself to an upright position without flipping over, eliminating the need for ground anchoring.

The first BIG BUOY pictured here, was made for the London Borough of Newham as part of the London Festival of Architecture in 2019. Its design revives and reinterprets elements of the Royal Docks’ history into an interactive object where engineering, technology, innovation and making come together to create a comfortable place to sit alone or together, indoors or outdoors. BIG BUOY exemplifies UR’s ambition of creating designs for people and our cities which are relaxed, fun, friendly and for everyone.


Big buoy

Type: Object

Location: Mandarin Street, Royal Docks, London, E16 2YP

For: Royal Docks LONDON, London Borough of Newham, Greater London Authority, London Festival of Architecture

Status: Completed

Featured in: Archdaily

Collaborator: SANNE VISSER

With thanks to: MILLIMETREAKT II

Photography: Luke O’Donovan