Project Category: text

Podcasts at the Voicing Pod

The VOICING POD is part of a series of four public assembly platforms designed by URBAN RADICALS and spread across the City of London, prompting citizens to actively engage in shaping their city’s discourse. Taking various scales and forms, these platforms facilitate conversations from everyday interactions, to public debates and performances as part of the… Read more »


Our work featured in one of Europe’s most important architecture magazines L’architecture d’Aujourd’hui. The publication featured work from young architecture practices who are making change across our built environment today.

Vuoto 4 Around Tables

Our text contribution to VUOTO, international architecture bookazine, for its 4th volume – AROUND TABLES featuring texts and projects from architects around the world focusing on the table as a place for meeting and collective discussion.

Anachoresis: Upon Inhabiting Distances

Published by Archive Books on the occasion of our participation as curators and designers of the Cyprus Pavilion at the 17th Architecture¬†Biennale in Venice, Anachoresis: Upon Inhabiting Distances gathers a collection of texts and visual material from a multidisciplinary group of Cypriot and international practitioners, including architects and designers, curators and writers, sound and movement… Read more »