Home for two painters in Hackney - URBAN RADICALS
Home for two painters in Hackney, London, 2021

Home for two painters re-imagines an existing Victorian home typology sited in Hackney, into a series of generous rooms for living and painting.

A simplified form reconfigures the existing rear clutter, adding square meters, allowing for light, and carving space for terraced balconies to connect with the view and experience nature around the site.

In conversation with our client, we’ve re-designed the ground floor into an open flexible space with various rooms to sit, meet, eat, live and come together. A long skylight surface is installed into the attic to transform it into a well-lit painting studio for two, whilst the need for new foundations became an opportunity to add a basement gallery for larger works and exhibitions. The garden now features a pottery shed and becomes the backdrop for the two artists to look across each other whilst cooking and working.

Materials such as glass blocks, upcycled steel sections, glass, rammed concrete and salvaged building components communicate the grafting of the new addition upon the existing structure.


Home for two painters in Hackney

Type: Architecture

Location: Hackney, UK

Size: 300m2

Status: In progress