AJ Pavilion for All - URBAN RADICALS
AJ Pavilion for All, London, 2022

AJ Pavilion for All is a landmark pavilion located at the heart of Clitterhouse Playing Fields, Barnet Council. It is positioned centrally within the park, arranged between the main flow of paths to become a focal point, visible from all entrances. The proposed ‘form follows people’ is expressed by a contemporary swooping pitched roof. 

Where the paths converge, a covered space is carved out for public gathering. Around this, three volumes contain the required facilities; a double height cafe occupies the south east corner, the reception and flexible spaces are located in the south west, whilst the changing rooms, public toilets and storage are located in the northern volume.


Low carbon modular construction methodologies are utilised. The structural frame is timber, infilled with straw bales and externally finished with lime render. The roof is clad in recycled aluminium sheeting, whilst a rainwater harvesting system will capture rainwater for use in facility operations.


AJ Pavilion for All

Type: Architecture

Location: London, UK

Size: 450m2

For: Argent Related AND BARNET COUNCIL 

Status: Shortlisted Proposal

Collaborators: FISHER CHENG